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2017 Vacation!

I got my very first passport & flew to MEXICO!! It was so freaking awesome & I loved every second of it. I’ve got tons of photos to share but first I have to start from the beginning. The day before we left we had planned on leaving super early because we had a connecting flight from here to Mexico City and then from Mexico City to Playa del Carmen. I thought it would be easy and simple, but it wasn’t like that at all. When we left the airport here in the U.S. it was fairly easygoing and we got to Mexico City with no problem. I hadn’t been on a plane in over 10 years so I was a little scared to say the least. My biggest fear was the take off and landing. But once we were in the air I was feeling better. Some of the views were breathtakingly beautiful and I had to snap some pics so everyone could see it for themselves!


Beautiful view over Mexico.

Sky view

Right before we went over the ocean. I love how the sky looks in this picture.

When we finally landed in Mexico City we had to go find our luggage, go through customs, find our terminal & make sure we were at the right place. It was all super hectic and I would NOT want to have to go through it again. Luckily we found our gate, got on the plane headed towards Playa del Carmen and we were off! We got there in no time and once we landed it was just as humid as it is in Houston! I was so excited to get to the resort that we were staying at and see everything! I also forgot to mention the biggest thing about this trip! It was a destination wedding for Kevin’s sister and it was amazing! Here are some pics that I took during our stay there. Enjoy!

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I must say this trip was one of my favorites. I would definitely go back if I could!

Until next time!

– Katy