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Understanding Feelings & Emotions.

We’ve all felt emotional at some point in our lives. Feeling emotion is something that happens in everyone’s lives no matter who they are. It sucks sometimes but can also be good for our souls. I have to remind myself that when I’m feeling at my lowest sometimes it does not mean that I should give in to the sadness I might be feeling. Now I’m not saying I ignore my feelings or push them aside because I DO NOT do that. I actually express my emotions wayyyy more than I feel like I should and it usually backfires when I do it too. But regardless of the outcomes that occur, I think expressing how you feel is important in our everyday lives.

We all go through a whole lot. My family, my boyfriend’s family, my friends and their families. I mean WOW.. we all go through so many things each and every day and sometimes it can seem super overwhelming. Trust me, I know. Some of the stuff that I find myself having to deal with isn’t THAT big of a deal but it stresses me out, keeps me from sleeping, gives me a headache, worries me, all kinds of things. I guess the conclusion that I have come to is that we are all human. Being human kinda sucks sometimes but then again I don’t think I would want to live life with no emotion. Grant it I probably wouldn’t know what it would feel like to have emotion and blah-blah-blah but before I go off topic let me just say this:

Having emotions and actually FEELING.. is not bad in any way whatsoever. It’s actually a great thing and I have to embrace all of my feelings and not just the good ones. I guess if this entire blog post sent one single message out to people in the world it would be that having feelings is OKAY! If you ever feel like you’re out of place or wrong for having feelings don’t! You are amazing and you are allowed to have feelings no matter the circumstances.

What’s cookin’?

All of my life I have been surrounded by a family that cooks a lot! My grandparents on my mom’s side would cook in the kitchen every day & also bake desserts as well. Helping was one of my favorite things to do with them when they were still alive.

Now that I am 22 years old going on 23, I feel like I should be learning how to cook my own meals and bake my own desserts! Although I know how to cook and bake the basics of things, (scrambled eggs, chicken & rice, pies etc.) I feel like I have the capability of learning how to cook larger meals and make excellent desserts.

One of my favorite dishes that my grandfather used to make was actually something he found in a magazine and it’s something that you can instantly find thanks to Google!

It is called King Ranch Chicken Casserole! I think the first time I had it was when my mom made it for me for my birthday and when she made it I thought it was a family recipe! *It probably was at some point but not with my family lol* When my mom told me it was actually just out of a cooking magazine I wasn’t necessarily disappointed, but more intrigued to look up more recipes online!

Today I will be writing out the recipe for King Ranch Chicken Casserole and showing you what it looks like! Let’s get ready!


  • 1 can of cream of chicken soup
  • 1 can of Rotel tomatoes (Original) *found in canned foods aisle*
  • 1 can of Baked Beans 
  • 1 bag of Tostitos chips (another version of the recipe calls for tortillas but we enjoy Tostitos more because of the crunchiness)


  • Medium-sized Pyrex dish
  • Non-stick Pam Spray

1 can of Rotel tomatoes mixed with 1 can of cream of chicken / cooked & diced chicken breast / 1 can of vegetarian baked beans / Pam sprayed, Medium-sized Pyrex dish


One of the tips for being able to cut up the chicken easily is to either warm it up in a pan on the stove or put it in the microwave for a few minutes. This will allow the chicken to defrost a little bit and it will be easier to cut up and put into the pyrex dish.


Once you cut up all of the chicken start layering in the pyrex dish. Chicken first, chips second and the Rotel tomato & cream of chicken mix last. Then once you have done it once re-layer it again until you are out of the mix and there’s enough to fill the dish to the top.


Once you layer everything it should look something like this. Now keep in mind when you finish layering the main ingredients that’s when you add the cheese on top and voila! You are ready to put it in the oven!

You’re going to want to cook it at 350 degrees for about an hour with the top and without the top for the last 10 minutes. You can of course cook it to your liking so it can either be really cheesy with the top on or more crispy without the top.

Once you cook it and it’s done it should look something like this!

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Bon Appetit! It is SUPER DELICIOUS!

Hope you try making the recipe & enjoy it as well! Let me know if you have any questions or comments about this recipe.

Until next time!

– Katy


Stress Sucks.

I’m always stressing about something. Do I have any good reasons for it? Nope. *I know.. I wish I truly had a reason for it* I think all in all I have slight anxiety in certain situations too, which makes me worry as well. I overthink everything, which in turn causes me to become more and more stressed out. Honestly, it is NOT a comfortable or good feeling at all.

I really hate feeling so powerless when all these thoughts are running through my head. I also think that society does not think of stress as a real issue. It bothers me every day and it seems pretty real to me. It stresses me out not knowing what could happen which, I know.. is pretty dumb because how are we supposed to know what could happen if life changes drastically each and every day. Things happen to each and every one of us and we can’t control it. I think that’s what is the most scary thing about living. That things happen without us being able to be in control and when it does and it’s something bad we don’t normally enjoy it or like it.

All in all stress sucks. So how can we minimize how stressed we get on a daily basis? I have 3 ways that I use to calm myself down and de-stress.

1. When I can feel the stress coming on I usually freak out and allow myself to just let any emotion through which sometimes doesn’t end well. I also find myself being very rude when I am at my highest stress point too. Once I’m at that high point and I realize how ridiculous I’m acting I take a minute to reflect on what’s going on. Can I really control this? Is this my fault? Is this someone else’s fault? Who cares. Yes there are things that we should take seriously and should pay attention too, but that does not mean that we need to freak out and stress until we can’t contain ourselves anymore. This is when I usually take a deep breath and try to clear my mind.

2. Another way that I calm myself down is to take a look at the situation and calmly express what is currently bothering me to the people around me. Now.. I’m gonna be honest, I’m not the best at calmly expressing myself to others or even my boyfriend when I am extremely stressed. This is something I seriously need to work on but I think that at least half of the time I try and calmly express what is going on in my head and tell the other person how I feel about the situation and why it is stressing me out. I think that if you are stressing about something it needs to be talked about unless you want to just blow up in someone’s face later. Which could very well excel to something bad in a short period of time.

3. My third way to de-stress is to just evaluate what’s going on in your life and take a “chill pill”. Sometimes people stress you out so much & you just have to realize that they will always make you feel this way and there is nothing that you can do to fix it. The only other option is to just let it go and stop allowing them to take this much control of your life. You should not let someone stress you out to the point of no return. It is not okay. Trust me I have been in this boat before in my life and it’s hard to just let it go. But if you can do it it will definitely bring you into a new light in your life.

I hope that this can help anyone out there who is going through tons of stress in their life.

Until next time!

– Katy

Happy Easter!


Today has been a great day! We didn’t go out to any Easter festivities because most of our family was out of the house, working or were busy. So we decided to go and see a movie at Alamo Drafthouse! You guys have no idea how much we love the food there. And when I say that.. it’s not just ANY type of food. It’s the Brussels Sprouts, Smoked Bacon & Goat Cheese Pizza! IT IS SOOOOO GOOD! fullsizeoutput_af3We also ordered Loaded Fries which were amazing as well. They were cheesy and spicy and just simply delicious. I would highly recommend if you ever decide to go to Alamo Drafthouse. The movie that we saw was called “Your Name”. It’s a popular movie in Japan and we had to see it when we knew it was showing here in the U.S! It was amazing. I’ll be writing a separate blog post all about what I thought. I totally recommend for you all to see it! I am such a lover of anime and all things related! Anyway, during the movie we ordered some dessert! We both shared 3 chocolate chip cookies with ice cream which were super good too!

*Now to explain the picture up above with Kevin & the easter bunny*

We had gone to City Centre a while back to eat lunch and there happened to be an event going on while we were there. One of Kevin’s friends also happened to be in a Easter Bunny suit so I had to get a picture! It was probably the only picture I have of me with the Easter Bunny! I don’t even remember getting pictures taken when I was little, so this was a first for me! It wasn’t as traumatizing as it is for some younger kids though. LOL. So of course I had to post this picture of the three of us today in honor of the Easter holiday!

Happy Easter & I hope you enjoyed spending the day with your family and friends!

Until next time!

– Katy

Weekend Fun!

This weekend consisted of nothing but fun! For my best friend’s 21st birthday I decided that I would take her out to celebrate this past Saturday! I chose a local brewery that’s close by called Karbach and it was awesome! One of my favorite things about this brewery is that when you purchase an awesome glass you get tokens and you can pick whatever beer you want! It was just really nice to relax and have fun with my boyfriend and best friends. YUMMY-DOG-640x480
They have a restaurant there but we didn’t get food from them because it’s a bit expensive. I saw a food truck that served hotdogs on a pretzel bun which was really good too!  Unfortunately I didn’t get a picture of my actual hotdog but it was definitely unique! One of our friends Meghan came along with us and got chili & cheese fries from them too!

My friend Zari was the one who I took out in celebration of her 21st birthday and she partied hard. By about three o’clock she was already asleep on Meghan’s bed at her house. She told me that she could handle her beer and she definitely did but she still ended up getting pretty wasted too. LOL I love her and Meghan so much! And I’m very thankful to Meghan for helping me out with everything. Anyways, later that afternoon Kevin and I went swimming in our pool at home which was ICE COLD by the way. So we weren’t in there for too long given the fact that we didn’t want to turn into popsicles. Later in the evening we decided to go to Tia Maria’s, a local Mexican restaurant, to eat food and drink margaritas! Mine was strawberry flavored which was honestly THE BEST FLAVOR! After we finished up eating we headed over to a small bar that was hosting a comedy night. One of Kevin’s friends was doing stand up and we went to go check it out. It was super hilarious and it was so worth going out to see him perform! I had never actually seen someone perform at a small venue like this so it was awesome. Although it was upstairs and they didn’t expect so many people to come so I was a littttttle nervous about the top floor falling to the bottom floor but it was all good.

Sunday was a pretty easygoing day too.
We decided to hit up some friends to go over to their house and swim in their heated pool which felt way better than the one at home. IMG_1486.JPGIt’s always so nice going over there. Kevin’s friends are always super nice to let us swim. Their parents always offer us drinks or food to eat while we are there. In the picture on the right you can see the hot tub and their swimming pool. Ah.. just looking at it makes me wanna go for another swim already. LOL.

After swimming and soaking for a few hours we finally decided to head on home. But all in all the entire weekend was pretty awesome! (Granted.. I probably should have been studying or doing some homework but it’s okay because I still have time to do it.)

Well anyways..

Until next time!

– Katy

Losing Friends

At times I feel like I lose friends more than any person on this planet. Ever since I was in high school I have discovered that some people just aren’t who we always thought they were. We meet our friends and hit it off at the start, but when we start to go through the gritty things in life, they change, we change and our lives change. Some of the hardest moments in life are when we lose the ones that are closest to us. Once it happens the first time and the second and the third all I can assume is that it will continue to happen and that it could very well be my fault.

The sad thing about this way of thinking is that it never goes away. I can reach out to my friends and let them know that I am feeling this way but they always say everything is fine. I can’t help but feel like I have to always walk on thin ice to make sure that my friends don’t leave me or disappear out of my life. I know what you’re thinking though. Why would I want to be friends with someone who I have to walk on thin ice for? What is the main reason behind my feelings? I guess it’s just because I used to have a lot of “best friends” back when I was younger and I thought that they would always be there for me. When things got tough or they didn’t agree with me on something they just left. They told me off and insulted me for who I was and left. I think that I have this deep need to always have friends around me. This can be bad at times. Especially when I feel like almost none of my close friends really even reach out to me.

I need to come up with a way to calmly tell myself that friends come and go and even if I thought everything was going right and they just completely flipped out on me for no reason that they probably have some personal stuff going on that I don’t know about. I have to just move on but that’s honestly the part that sucks the most! When friends completely ditch you and then expect for you to go after them.. that’s not something that I am going to do. I don’t think that anyone should have to punish themselves for the amount of friends that they have lost. I guess we all have to grow up and when we grow up we change. Constantly. And when we change we also learn who we want around us and we realize that even if that person isn’t in our lives anymore, they were probably in our lives at that particular moment in time to help us with something that we were going through or vice versa.

Friends come and go. It’s a part of life and I have to learn to accept that. I just don’t know when I will be able to FULLY accept it. Just something to think about. ~

Until next time!

– Katy