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Kesha is Amazing.

So recently I’ve been previewing Kesha’s upcoming album “Rainbow” on Apple Music. She’s released 3 songs on the album and they are ALL AMAZING. Here’s a list of what she’s released so far with links to the videos she’s put out so far:

I am in love with her voice and everything that she conveys in each song. I want to go into more detail regarding her songs and how they speak to me in a personal way.

For instance the song “Praying” is so moving because it really shows how even though she feels like she was wronged in almost every way possible she’s still praying that this person will recognize what they’ve done and take responsibility for it too. Ever since I first heard “TiK ToK” I’ve enjoyed everything Kesha did. Even if everyone else hated her demeanor, or didn’t like who she was portraying herself as, I knew that she had a passion and love for music. I could just tell!

I remember hearing a slow song by her a few years later on Tumblr. I was so shocked because she was singing a ballad, which was a total switch up from the pop sound everyone was used to hearing. That song was called “Goodbye” and the second I heard it I fell in love with her voice and knew that she was/is SO AMAZING.

Here’s a link to the song:Β Goodbye

I would highly recommend for everyone to give this song a listen if you’ve never heard it before. It is life changing!Β Every time I hear this song it almost brings me to tears because Kesha’s voice is just so unbelievably beautiful.

I was so so so excited when I heard that she had put out a new song and now to get back on track, the second song she’s released so far “Woman” was amazing to hear. It’s almost as if she’s speaking through the music saying, “Girl you’re a mother-fucking woman! Take charge and don’t let ANYONE walk over you! Stand up for who you are! You can do ANYTHING!” I love every single thing about this song and every time I play it, it empowers me to be the best woman I can be and to kick some ass while I’m doing it too.

The third track that she put out is called “Learn to Let Go” and I think it’s such a beautiful song. The music video put tears in my eyes because it shows how throughout her life, Kesha has gone through a whole lot and now she’s finally letting go of it all and living free. Almost as free as she felt when she was a little girl just dancing and feeling like nothing could go wrong. I understand these feelings all too well. Feeling like your childhood was almost taken from you but also realizing that now that you’re a grown up you have the capabilities to let it all go and feel as free as you did when you were a child. I know we don’t all feel the same way but this is how I felt when I heard this song and I know that Kesha will always help me feel better when I’m feeling down. And for that I thank her for doing what she does best. Making unbelievable, amazing, jaw-dropping music and speaking to me through that music too. I can’t wait to hear the reset of the album! It comes out this month!

Until next time!

– Katy