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2017 Vacation!

I got my very first passport & flew to MEXICO!! It was so freaking awesome & I loved every second of it. I’ve got tons of photos to share but first I have to start from the beginning. The day before we left we had planned on leaving super early because we had a connecting flight from here to Mexico City and then from Mexico City to Playa del Carmen. I thought it would be easy and simple, but it wasn’t like that at all. When we left the airport here in the U.S. it was fairly easygoing and we got to Mexico City with no problem. I hadn’t been on a plane in over 10 years so I was a little scared to say the least. My biggest fear was the take off and landing. But once we were in the air I was feeling better. Some of the views were breathtakingly beautiful and I had to snap some pics so everyone could see it for themselves!


Beautiful view over Mexico.

Sky view

Right before we went over the ocean. I love how the sky looks in this picture.

When we finally landed in Mexico City we had to go find our luggage, go through customs, find our terminal & make sure we were at the right place. It was all super hectic and I would NOT want to have to go through it again. Luckily we found our gate, got on the plane headed towards Playa del Carmen and we were off! We got there in no time and once we landed it was just as humid as it is in Houston! I was so excited to get to the resort that we were staying at and see everything! I also forgot to mention the biggest thing about this trip! It was a destination wedding for Kevin’s sister and it was amazing! Here are some pics that I took during our stay there. Enjoy!

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I must say this trip was one of my favorites. I would definitely go back if I could!

Until next time!

– Katy

Weekend Fun!

This weekend consisted of nothing but fun! For my best friend’s 21st birthday I decided that I would take her out to celebrate this past Saturday! I chose a local brewery that’s close by called Karbach and it was awesome! One of my favorite things about this brewery is that when you purchase an awesome glass you get tokens and you can pick whatever beer you want! It was just really nice to relax and have fun with my boyfriend and best friends. YUMMY-DOG-640x480
They have a restaurant there but we didn’t get food from them because it’s a bit expensive. I saw a food truck that served hotdogs on a pretzel bun which was really good too!  Unfortunately I didn’t get a picture of my actual hotdog but it was definitely unique! One of our friends Meghan came along with us and got chili & cheese fries from them too!

My friend Zari was the one who I took out in celebration of her 21st birthday and she partied hard. By about three o’clock she was already asleep on Meghan’s bed at her house. She told me that she could handle her beer and she definitely did but she still ended up getting pretty wasted too. LOL I love her and Meghan so much! And I’m very thankful to Meghan for helping me out with everything. Anyways, later that afternoon Kevin and I went swimming in our pool at home which was ICE COLD by the way. So we weren’t in there for too long given the fact that we didn’t want to turn into popsicles. Later in the evening we decided to go to Tia Maria’s, a local Mexican restaurant, to eat food and drink margaritas! Mine was strawberry flavored which was honestly THE BEST FLAVOR! After we finished up eating we headed over to a small bar that was hosting a comedy night. One of Kevin’s friends was doing stand up and we went to go check it out. It was super hilarious and it was so worth going out to see him perform! I had never actually seen someone perform at a small venue like this so it was awesome. Although it was upstairs and they didn’t expect so many people to come so I was a littttttle nervous about the top floor falling to the bottom floor but it was all good.

Sunday was a pretty easygoing day too.
We decided to hit up some friends to go over to their house and swim in their heated pool which felt way better than the one at home. IMG_1486.JPGIt’s always so nice going over there. Kevin’s friends are always super nice to let us swim. Their parents always offer us drinks or food to eat while we are there. In the picture on the right you can see the hot tub and their swimming pool. Ah.. just looking at it makes me wanna go for another swim already. LOL.

After swimming and soaking for a few hours we finally decided to head on home. But all in all the entire weekend was pretty awesome! (Granted.. I probably should have been studying or doing some homework but it’s okay because I still have time to do it.)

Well anyways..

Until next time!

– Katy

Houston Rodeo 2017

Back in March I got to go to the Rodeo with Kevin and his friend to see Blink-182 perform at the Rodeo! Now I know what you’re thinking, I just went for Blink and nothing else. Not true! I actually wanted to try Fried Oreos for the first time so I did! They are probably the only deep fried food that I find acceptable and delicious. I would super-duper recommend for everyone to try it at least once in their lifetime. I also got the chance to try a Mac’ & Cheese baked potato which was SOOO good! fullsizeoutput_a28I am always up for a baked potato no matter where I am! LOL.

So this picture to the right is probably one of my favorites only because I usually never like it when people take pictures of me but when Kevin takes pictures of me (even when I’m eating) I seem to still like them! As you can tell he took it on Snapchat and posted it, but for once in my life I agreed that I looked really good! I love those sunglasses.
IMG_1230Before we headed inside I played a quarter game which we were doing terribly on until I tossed a quarter and it landed in the lines! I only got a small plush but it was a prize! Here’s a picture of it on the left. It’s a cute little ice cream! :3

Now getting onto the performance of Blink-182 at the Rodeo. They did a fantastic job! I personally had never listened to Blink-182 until I met Kevin and I am so glad that I gave them a listen because their music is actually AMAZING! They played from their old albums and also from the new album they recently put out. I was super excited to see them for the very first time so we got to our seats 2 hours early to make sure we didn’t miss anything.

Of course we sat through all of the Rodeo festivities including the broncos and bulls and everyone riding around on horses. Finally around 8:45-ish they came out and set up the stage and the show started! IMG_1256.JPGKevin knows every single song and sang along the entire time while I tried to keep up but it was fun nonetheless. Definitely something I will never forget and probably one of the most exciting Rodeo performances that I have ever seen! Can’t wait until next year!

Until next time!

– Katy