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1 year ago today my sweet little girlie puppy Leti was born! I love her! Check out a slideshow of pictures that I’ve taken of her over the past year! ❤

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Until next time!

– Katy

Kesha is Amazing.

So recently I’ve been previewing Kesha’s upcoming album “Rainbow” on Apple Music. She’s released 3 songs on the album and they are ALL AMAZING. Here’s a list of what she’s released so far with links to the videos she’s put out so far:

I am in love with her voice and everything that she conveys in each song. I want to go into more detail regarding her songs and how they speak to me in a personal way.

For instance the song “Praying” is so moving because it really shows how even though she feels like she was wronged in almost every way possible she’s still praying that this person will recognize what they’ve done and take responsibility for it too. Ever since I first heard “TiK ToK” I’ve enjoyed everything Kesha did. Even if everyone else hated her demeanor, or didn’t like who she was portraying herself as, I knew that she had a passion and love for music. I could just tell!

I remember hearing a slow song by her a few years later on Tumblr. I was so shocked because she was singing a ballad, which was a total switch up from the pop sound everyone was used to hearing. That song was called “Goodbye” and the second I heard it I fell in love with her voice and knew that she was/is SO AMAZING.

Here’s a link to the song: Goodbye

I would highly recommend for everyone to give this song a listen if you’ve never heard it before. It is life changing! Every time I hear this song it almost brings me to tears because Kesha’s voice is just so unbelievably beautiful.

I was so so so excited when I heard that she had put out a new song and now to get back on track, the second song she’s released so far “Woman” was amazing to hear. It’s almost as if she’s speaking through the music saying, “Girl you’re a mother-fucking woman! Take charge and don’t let ANYONE walk over you! Stand up for who you are! You can do ANYTHING!” I love every single thing about this song and every time I play it, it empowers me to be the best woman I can be and to kick some ass while I’m doing it too.

The third track that she put out is called “Learn to Let Go” and I think it’s such a beautiful song. The music video put tears in my eyes because it shows how throughout her life, Kesha has gone through a whole lot and now she’s finally letting go of it all and living free. Almost as free as she felt when she was a little girl just dancing and feeling like nothing could go wrong. I understand these feelings all too well. Feeling like your childhood was almost taken from you but also realizing that now that you’re a grown up you have the capabilities to let it all go and feel as free as you did when you were a child. I know we don’t all feel the same way but this is how I felt when I heard this song and I know that Kesha will always help me feel better when I’m feeling down. And for that I thank her for doing what she does best. Making unbelievable, amazing, jaw-dropping music and speaking to me through that music too. I can’t wait to hear the reset of the album! It comes out this month!

Until next time!

– Katy

Do you drink beer?

I never did and for the longest it disgusted me! I wasn’t a true fan of beer until I had Live Oak Hefeweizen. It was one of the most delicious beers I have ever had in my life. It has this amazing floral taste mixed in with a splash of deliciousness along with a great after taste too!

I remember when I took this picture. It was on a hot summer day and I was in the pool with Kevin and we decided to just relax and drink some beer in the pool that afternoon. It was so amazing. If anyone ever wants to get me something for my birthday and you don’t know what to get you can ALWAYS get me Live Oak Hefeweizen.

Live Oak is based out of Austin, TX and I can’t wait to go on a trip out there to the brewery! I’ll be in heaven! Oh man.. I want some Live Oak Hefe now.

I know this post was short and simple but I hope you enjoyed reading about my favorite beer!

Until next time!

– Katy

Understanding Feelings & Emotions.

We’ve all felt emotional at some point in our lives. Feeling emotion is something that happens in everyone’s lives no matter who they are. It sucks sometimes but can also be good for our souls. I have to remind myself that when I’m feeling at my lowest sometimes it does not mean that I should give in to the sadness I might be feeling. Now I’m not saying I ignore my feelings or push them aside because I DO NOT do that. I actually express my emotions wayyyy more than I feel like I should and it usually backfires when I do it too. But regardless of the outcomes that occur, I think expressing how you feel is important in our everyday lives.

We all go through a whole lot. My family, my boyfriend’s family, my friends and their families. I mean WOW.. we all go through so many things each and every day and sometimes it can seem super overwhelming. Trust me, I know. Some of the stuff that I find myself having to deal with isn’t THAT big of a deal but it stresses me out, keeps me from sleeping, gives me a headache, worries me, all kinds of things. I guess the conclusion that I have come to is that we are all human. Being human kinda sucks sometimes but then again I don’t think I would want to live life with no emotion. Grant it I probably wouldn’t know what it would feel like to have emotion and blah-blah-blah but before I go off topic let me just say this:

Having emotions and actually FEELING.. is not bad in any way whatsoever. It’s actually a great thing and I have to embrace all of my feelings and not just the good ones. I guess if this entire blog post sent one single message out to people in the world it would be that having feelings is OKAY! If you ever feel like you’re out of place or wrong for having feelings don’t! You are amazing and you are allowed to have feelings no matter the circumstances.

2017 Vacation!

I got my very first passport & flew to MEXICO!! It was so freaking awesome & I loved every second of it. I’ve got tons of photos to share but first I have to start from the beginning. The day before we left we had planned on leaving super early because we had a connecting flight from here to Mexico City and then from Mexico City to Playa del Carmen. I thought it would be easy and simple, but it wasn’t like that at all. When we left the airport here in the U.S. it was fairly easygoing and we got to Mexico City with no problem. I hadn’t been on a plane in over 10 years so I was a little scared to say the least. My biggest fear was the take off and landing. But once we were in the air I was feeling better. Some of the views were breathtakingly beautiful and I had to snap some pics so everyone could see it for themselves!


Beautiful view over Mexico.

Sky view

Right before we went over the ocean. I love how the sky looks in this picture.

When we finally landed in Mexico City we had to go find our luggage, go through customs, find our terminal & make sure we were at the right place. It was all super hectic and I would NOT want to have to go through it again. Luckily we found our gate, got on the plane headed towards Playa del Carmen and we were off! We got there in no time and once we landed it was just as humid as it is in Houston! I was so excited to get to the resort that we were staying at and see everything! I also forgot to mention the biggest thing about this trip! It was a destination wedding for Kevin’s sister and it was amazing! Here are some pics that I took during our stay there. Enjoy!

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I must say this trip was one of my favorites. I would definitely go back if I could!

Until next time!

– Katy

What’s cookin’?

All of my life I have been surrounded by a family that cooks a lot! My grandparents on my mom’s side would cook in the kitchen every day & also bake desserts as well. Helping was one of my favorite things to do with them when they were still alive.

Now that I am 22 years old going on 23, I feel like I should be learning how to cook my own meals and bake my own desserts! Although I know how to cook and bake the basics of things, (scrambled eggs, chicken & rice, pies etc.) I feel like I have the capability of learning how to cook larger meals and make excellent desserts.

One of my favorite dishes that my grandfather used to make was actually something he found in a magazine and it’s something that you can instantly find thanks to Google!

It is called King Ranch Chicken Casserole! I think the first time I had it was when my mom made it for me for my birthday and when she made it I thought it was a family recipe! *It probably was at some point but not with my family lol* When my mom told me it was actually just out of a cooking magazine I wasn’t necessarily disappointed, but more intrigued to look up more recipes online!

Today I will be writing out the recipe for King Ranch Chicken Casserole and showing you what it looks like! Let’s get ready!


  • 1 can of cream of chicken soup
  • 1 can of Rotel tomatoes (Original) *found in canned foods aisle*
  • 1 can of Baked Beans 
  • 1 bag of Tostitos chips (another version of the recipe calls for tortillas but we enjoy Tostitos more because of the crunchiness)


  • Medium-sized Pyrex dish
  • Non-stick Pam Spray

1 can of Rotel tomatoes mixed with 1 can of cream of chicken / cooked & diced chicken breast / 1 can of vegetarian baked beans / Pam sprayed, Medium-sized Pyrex dish


One of the tips for being able to cut up the chicken easily is to either warm it up in a pan on the stove or put it in the microwave for a few minutes. This will allow the chicken to defrost a little bit and it will be easier to cut up and put into the pyrex dish.


Once you cut up all of the chicken start layering in the pyrex dish. Chicken first, chips second and the Rotel tomato & cream of chicken mix last. Then once you have done it once re-layer it again until you are out of the mix and there’s enough to fill the dish to the top.


Once you layer everything it should look something like this. Now keep in mind when you finish layering the main ingredients that’s when you add the cheese on top and voila! You are ready to put it in the oven!

You’re going to want to cook it at 350 degrees for about an hour with the top and without the top for the last 10 minutes. You can of course cook it to your liking so it can either be really cheesy with the top on or more crispy without the top.

Once you cook it and it’s done it should look something like this!

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Bon Appetit! It is SUPER DELICIOUS!

Hope you try making the recipe & enjoy it as well! Let me know if you have any questions or comments about this recipe.

Until next time!

– Katy


Stress Sucks.

I’m always stressing about something. Do I have any good reasons for it? Nope. *I know.. I wish I truly had a reason for it* I think all in all I have slight anxiety in certain situations too, which makes me worry as well. I overthink everything, which in turn causes me to become more and more stressed out. Honestly, it is NOT a comfortable or good feeling at all.

I really hate feeling so powerless when all these thoughts are running through my head. I also think that society does not think of stress as a real issue. It bothers me every day and it seems pretty real to me. It stresses me out not knowing what could happen which, I know.. is pretty dumb because how are we supposed to know what could happen if life changes drastically each and every day. Things happen to each and every one of us and we can’t control it. I think that’s what is the most scary thing about living. That things happen without us being able to be in control and when it does and it’s something bad we don’t normally enjoy it or like it.

All in all stress sucks. So how can we minimize how stressed we get on a daily basis? I have 3 ways that I use to calm myself down and de-stress.

1. When I can feel the stress coming on I usually freak out and allow myself to just let any emotion through which sometimes doesn’t end well. I also find myself being very rude when I am at my highest stress point too. Once I’m at that high point and I realize how ridiculous I’m acting I take a minute to reflect on what’s going on. Can I really control this? Is this my fault? Is this someone else’s fault? Who cares. Yes there are things that we should take seriously and should pay attention too, but that does not mean that we need to freak out and stress until we can’t contain ourselves anymore. This is when I usually take a deep breath and try to clear my mind.

2. Another way that I calm myself down is to take a look at the situation and calmly express what is currently bothering me to the people around me. Now.. I’m gonna be honest, I’m not the best at calmly expressing myself to others or even my boyfriend when I am extremely stressed. This is something I seriously need to work on but I think that at least half of the time I try and calmly express what is going on in my head and tell the other person how I feel about the situation and why it is stressing me out. I think that if you are stressing about something it needs to be talked about unless you want to just blow up in someone’s face later. Which could very well excel to something bad in a short period of time.

3. My third way to de-stress is to just evaluate what’s going on in your life and take a “chill pill”. Sometimes people stress you out so much & you just have to realize that they will always make you feel this way and there is nothing that you can do to fix it. The only other option is to just let it go and stop allowing them to take this much control of your life. You should not let someone stress you out to the point of no return. It is not okay. Trust me I have been in this boat before in my life and it’s hard to just let it go. But if you can do it it will definitely bring you into a new light in your life.

I hope that this can help anyone out there who is going through tons of stress in their life.

Until next time!

– Katy